Monday, February 15, 2016

On the third day of Christmas, I mean Toy Fair, bloggers were invited to Mattel's main showroom that featured all their new products to interact with and learn more about.  While I was treated again to some of their collectible line like Masters of the Universe and Batman vs Superman, I also got to learn more about their educational toys whose line are quite impressive in stimulating children to learn while having fun.

Their Imaginext line of DC super heroes and villains continue to grow.  Along with new products for their other lines.

Code a pillar is just amazingly cool along with its sister products.  Code a pillar made up of program segments that gives the Code a pillar directions comes with 8 to start and you can add to it or even change the programs to solve problems and have fun while doing it.  The chameleon see recognizes color and lights up its body in that color!

There were quite a few baby products including bouncers and sleepers that rock or rotate gently.  These two items caught my eye as an updated playmat from what my daughter uses.  And a fun activity center that shows the move away from walkers.

Yes there are 176 different Minions and each with interchangeable parts.

Minions are not the only ones getting the interchangeable treatment as their girl friendly series is as well!

American Girl joins the Mega Blok family saving parents a lot of money from $100 dolls.

The Mattel booths had more DC Super Hero Girls items than was was shown at the Collector's event.

Some more incredible licenses and products.

And just in time for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie...

Probably the thing I would most want to buy at the Mattel booth if they allowed was this Batman suit with mini figure!

Viewmasters have gone a long way from those discs and pulling on the lever.  Now you connect it to a smartphone and download content that you can listen to and interact!

The Mattel rep was quite eager to show me how the Death Star blows up.  And it's quite cool too.  The toy which will come out with two exclusive vehicles is awesome!

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