Sunday, February 14, 2016

When you think about McFarlane Toys, the first word that comes to mind is realism.  Their attention to detail in each of their line of figures is amazing from the Walking Dead to video games like Assassin's Creed to their sports figures. 

For 2016, there is a big focus on their new "Mini Big Heads" line which is use to supplement their construction sets.  By having a bigger head, the figures allow for more attention to detail on their faces while still being able to use on their construction set.  They are scheduled for Fall of 2016.

Another of their new lines that they are pushing are the 7" figures.  With less articulation that the 5" figures, the larger size allows for even more detail than before and as well it introduces a new box coding system for their packaging.

Below are some of the other new items expected this year.  There are a few items in which pictures were not allowed.  Such as their anime line of 7" figures from Tokyo Ghoul and Attack of the Titans.  As well you may have seen their new Fast Nights at Freddy's toys, but pictures weren't allowed of their packaging as it was not finalized yet.  As well, we are introduced to "comic book" versions of the Walking Dead action figures.  How about a Shane with a replaceable zombie head!  Sorry again, no pictures were allowed for these.

While not all the Unsullied pictured are including in the new Queen of Dragons set, we can't wait to recreate a scene of our own.  The dragons and unsullied will come in blind mystery bags.

Again we see one of the new 7 inch collectible figures in the form of super popular manga/anime Naruto.

Their "Mini Big Heads" may also expand to their other franchises depending on how well the Walking Dead ones are received.

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