Sunday, February 14, 2016

Another day of hunting new Tsum Tsum related products at Toy Fair 2016.  There is apparently no shortage given the popularity of the franchise with all kind of products being released, all stamped with their likeness.  The first booth I came across had these little charm bracelets as well as rubber bracelets with the popular Disney Tsum Tsum characters.  Personally, I have no interest in the bracelets, but those tins in which they come in are so adorable!

So this booth had this cool Tsum Tsum poster on both side of their booth.  But no Tsum Tsum products on display... They lured me in only to disappoint!

In the next booth I visited, Scentco, Inc which had all kind of popular licensed items are all scented.  For Tsum Tsum, the most interested were these key chain plastic squeezable figures that are scented.

Besides squeezable plastic figures there were all kind of writing items that were scented as well.  I wonder what a Maleficent would smell like??? 

The vendor that had this focused on games including puzzles and card games.  Unfortunately they did not have an open product to show they looked like on the inside.  There are three different packaging.

So this booth showcased Tsum Tsum Rollers and Tumblers.  When I ask the rep when the items are scheduled to be released in the US, he said he didn't know.  They did not have the licenses yet.  Okay...

At the booth they had these promotional double sided prints.  I have a few extra.  If you'll like one, I just ask that you pay $1.50 shipping to cover postage within the US.  Comment below and I'll get in touch with you!

Which product above interests you the most?

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