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Caged No More
Release Date: January 22, 2016 and opening night film for the 3rd Socially Revelevent Film Festival (March 15th to 20th, at their home theater Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea, 23rd street off of 7th Avenue)
1 hour 30 minutes
Rated PG-13
Action/ Drama/ Thriller


Official Site:

Director: Lisa Arnold
Writers: Lisa Arnold, Molly Venzke (story)
Based on the Novel "Caged" by Molly Venzke

Film Trivia:
Caged is based off the book by the same name which is the first in the Justice trilogy.

The book "Caged" was produced by TraffickingHOPE, an organization fighting to raise awareness and end the modern-day slavery, human trafficking. 100% of the book proceeds help fund their abolition work.

Kevin Sorbo as Richard / Jack
Cynthia Gibb as Lottie
Loretta Devine as Aggie Prejean
Madison De La Garza as Constanza
Cassidy Gifford as Skye
Debra Wilson as Leona
Alan Powell as Wil
Christos Vasilopoulos as Aeton
Dallas Lovato as Alicia
Shawn-Caulin Young as Zach
Danielle Beckwith as Julie
Stella Allen as Young Skye
Patrick Kearns as Police Officer
George Kosturos as Galen
Jay Amor as Serge Thug

Review by Dante Hicks

Plot Summary
  A 67 year old Cajun woman discovers that her two goddaughters have disappeared. She risks everything to cross paths with two of the wealthiest and most connected people in New Orleans through a laptop left behind, the only clue that she possesses. Even with their help, no one can forsee the dangers that lie ahead in the dark world of human trafficking.

  I'm going to start this off unconventionally and tell you what I hated first then get to the good stuff. Kind of like how you have to eat your vegetables before you eat dessert. 

  The worst thing about the entire film was the extreme caricature of a 67 year old Cajun Woman portrayed by Lorena Devine as Aggie. At one point I honestly thought she was going to bust out in to a rendition of "Mamie". She portrayed Aggie as a simple African American woman that was ignorant and lived up to stereotypes in the 50's. Heck at one point i thought she was going to dress up like the Aunt Jemima mascot and start busting out with lyrics from "Jimmy Crack Corn". The pacing felt more like a TV movie than a motion picture from a major studio. And at times the film felt like it didn't know what it specifically wanted to be. The action scenes were better than expected, I personally wish there was more of the action scenes. 

  Now that i got that nasty piece of business out of the way the good:

  The film depicts the story of a woman, Aggy hunting for her goddaughters around the world because their father Jack (played by Kevin Sorbo in a dual role as both Jack and his twin brother Richard) being in debt to drug dealers tries to sell his youngest daughter in to sex trafficking in Greece like he did to his eldest daughter months earlier. Which in the opening moments of the film we see drove the girls' mother to purposely overdose and die.

"What kind of monster sells his kids in to prostitution to cover their debts?"

  From there the film turns in to a caper as Aggy solicits the help of Jack's brother and his wife Lottie (played by Cynthia Gibb) and their son to search for the girls.  We see just how cold-hearted the industry of human trafficking can be for the victims as shown through the missing girls.  The film left me just wondering why would a parent do this to their kids, and how do they live with themselves and their everyday lives while their children are being raped on a daily basis. 

All in all, it was a good film and I honestly hope this gets more people to act and try to stop this from ever happening again. The performances were actually pretty amazing. Kevin Sorbo as both Jack and his twin brother Robert was amazing, He showed he could be nurturing and caring as Robert and sociopathic as Jack. Cynthia Gibb as Lottie was what I hope most mothers would act like. Debra Wilson (Who I know from Mad TV ) was actually really great as Leona, Aggy's niece. Alan Powell as Wil, Jack and Lottie's son who was also the narrator for the film gave a great performance. Cassidy Gifford (Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford's daughter) gave a heart breaking performance as Skye, Jack's eldest daughter. She was the audiences view point in to what happens after a young woman is sold in to the sex trafficking business. Really good film and hopefully if you choose to watch it, might teach you about the horrors of Human/ sex trafficking. 

The following is from the heart, the film was decent and told me things I never knew like prostitution is legal in Greece and how atrocities like this happen. I have always heard about how people are sold in to trafficking and used as prostitutes and manual labor, but actually watching everyday life for these women reenacted on the screen made me just shake my head and wish that the men and women that profit off of these poor people just drop dead and never have the chance to do this to anyone else ever. And yes the subject matter is pretty brutal but the performances and story telling helps to show you what is actually happening and prior to the credits they give you information that shows how you can help put a end to this.    I ask that for all of you that love film to go see this, if anything to just support the cause and to help spread awareness

Stars: 3.5 stars out of 5

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