Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ip Man 3
Released December 16, 2015 (Hong Kong) January 22nd 2016 (US - Limited)
1 hr 45 mins
Rated PG-13
Action/Adventure, Drama


Director: Wilson Yip
Writer: Edmond Wong, Chan Tai-lee, Jil Leung

Donnie Yen as Yip Man (葉問)
Zhang Jin as Cheung Tin-chi (張天志)
Lynn Hung as Cheung Wing-Sing (張永成)
Patrick Tam as Ma King-sang (馬鯨笙)
Karena Ng as Miss Wong (黃老師)
Kent Cheng as Fat Po (肥波)
Bryan Leung as Tin Ngo-san (田傲山)
Louis Cheung as Tsui Lik (徐力)
Danny Chan as Bruce Lee (李小龍)
Babyjohn Choi as Newspaper reporter
Mike Tyson as Frank
Tats Lau as Principal
Yu Kang as Master Tam
Lo Mang as Master Law
Leung Siu-hung as Master Lee
Chen Chao as Master Chan
Sarut Khanwilai as Thai Boxer

Review by Stephen M.

Ip Man 3 brings us a dream match up of Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson showing us that some realism can be thrown out the door for some Hollywood dollars.  Besides Mike Tyson as a mobster and Ip Man conspicuously missing a son in the movie, the fight scenes as expected are amazingly choreographed without the extravagance visuals of The Grandmaster.

Donnie Yen has never been known for his acting skills and his movies have always been carried by his action scenes and this movie is no different.  Ip Man 3, aside from the added element of Mike Tyson which is a big element, brings nothing new to the table from the other two Ip Man films.  The introduction and use of Bruce Lee as an adult is interesting but a wasted effort in the overall story.  The fight with Mike Tyson's character, which of course was inevitable was stylistically interesting but weird and too short.  The best fight scene?  The close combat against Muay Thai fighter Sarut Khanwilai in an elevator.

Overall, the film will be enjoyable for martial art fans and Donnie Yen fans, but passable for everyone else.  Zhang Jin as Cheung Tin-chi, who is also a Wing Chun practitioner challenging Ip Man puts on the best performance of the film and is worth keeping an eye on in future films for both his acting and martial art skills.  Given the sub par performances and lazy plot, hopefully this is the end of Ip Man as far as director Wilson Yip and actor Donnie Yen's go at it.

Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

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