Thursday, March 3, 2016

Knight of Cups
Releases March 4th 2016
1 hr 58 mins
Rated R


Director: Terrence Malick
Writer: Terrence Malick

Christian Bale as Rick
Cate Blanchett as Nancy
Natalie Portman as Elizabeth
Brian Dennehy as Joseph
Antonio Banderas as Tonio
Wes Bentley as Barry
Isabel Lucas as Isabel
Teresa Palmer as Karen
Armin Mueller-Stahl as Fr. Zeitlinger
Freida Pinto as Helen
Cherry Jones as Ruth
Nick Offerman as Scott
Ben Kingsley (voice)

Review by Anont C.

Knights of Cup may sound like an interesting choice of a title movie to view, but this movie itself would be an experiences that very few may appreciate. 

The movie itself was very difficult to process, as it focus heavily on its artistic camera visual and very few dialogues from the actors on screen. Despite that the movie has Christian Bale staring in the movie, the movie still suffers from its progressive plot. Perhaps maybe it's because the movie may be too sophisticated for me to understand ( and may be ahead of its time), but majority of the audiences member who attended the movie have walked out early (even before the movie reaches its mid-point). 

Like I mentioned earlier, the movie has a stunning visual from various camera perspective, along with its ambiguous narrative dialogues; however, this type of camera technique is probably best to use for a short narrative story for a product commercial. As the movie continues with its ambiguous plot, it becomes more difficult to process the plot and a very difficult experiences to continue watching. Unless you're aware ahead of time what the film's purpose may be for, this movie may not be the right choice for certain target audiences; and it's safe to say you're better off watching it later when it's release on TV, or skip it completely.

Rating: 1 Stars out of 5 Stars

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