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We Like it Like That
Released December 4th, 2015 (Chile), March 15th, 2015 (VOD, iTunes)
1 hr 18 mins
Not Rated
Documentary, History, Music


Director: Mathew Ramirez Warren
Writer: Mathew Ramirez Warren

As themselves...
Joe Bataan
Johnny Colon
Ricardo Ray
Pete Rodriguez
Joey Pastrana
Tito Ramos
Harvey Averne
Larry Harlow
Bobby Marin
Benny Bonilla
Felipe Luciano
Aurora Flores

Review by Anont C.

When it comes to the music genre the Latin Boogaloo has become one of the most iconic expression in the music culture. With this documentary 'We Like it Like That', we get to see the great rich history of this music culture, and the impact it has done for the Latin community. 

Directed by Mathew Ramirez Warren, we explore the film documentary that  gives us the insight to the Latin Boogaloo. Along with Latin soul artist Joe Bataan and Johnny Colon, giving their interview and thoughts on how the Latin soul music have revolutionize the culture, and create an impact movement on the music culture. As the Latin musics continue to influence, the documentary also explores the variety the Latin musics have implement in to its music, such as: Latin Soul, Boogaloo, and Salsa. Despite that it may be a Latin music, the music itself have become a great hit among other cultures, and influences its tune as well. As Joe Bataan explained, the music also inspire new Latin artists to create new music that was inspired by the Latin Boogaloo, and continue to be an important part of today's music culture. 

As a special treat, once the documentary was over, the audiences gets an opportunity for an Q&A with the legendary Latin soul artist himself, Joe Bataan; along with Director and writer of the documentary itself, Mathew Ramirez Warren. One of the interesting questions was bought up was about female Latin artists' impact through the genre, and it was explained that some female artists didn't give their full consent to be in the documentary; however, the film had shown clips of them to showcase their present in the Latin music culture. We also learn from Joe Bataan that it's important for oldie music to be preserve and be played on various radios and other media, but it's also important to allow new aspiring artists open to new opportunities for the genre itself -- and embrace it for new generations to come.

For anyone that's interested more about the documentary, or wanted to learn more about the film, you can visit:

As well as the soundtrack from the film will be available on iTunes on March 11th.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Images from the March 3rd New York Q&A:

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