Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Releases on DVD & Digital Video April 5th 2016
1 hr 36 mins
Not Rated


Director: Brandon Thaxton
Writer: Linton 'Buddy' Barnett III

Adam Aalderks as Sam
Che Broadway as Spencer
Chandler George Brown as Thomas
Paul Chappell as Reverend Brandon Errol
Cheri Christian as Sharon
Rockmond Dunbar as James
Lily Keene as Holly
Charmin Lee as Dehra
Ann Lukens as Annalisa
John Paul Marston as Daniel
Jean-Luc McMurtry as Nolan
Reid Meadows as Young Mark
E. Roger Mitchell as Coach Patterson
Neko Parham as Mr. Lodholdt
Alexa Rachelle as Rachel
Alaya Robbins  as Keri
Treas Ross as Young Catcher
Matt Rossitch as Young Sam
Joshua D. Safran as Young Nolan
James Edward Thomas as Bill
Lynn Whitfield as Dr. Lane

Review by Stephen M.

Curveball is an extremely long commercial on why teenagers should not do drugs.  Well acted, but incredibly predictable, the film is well suited for junior high and high school students to watch on rainy days in an auditorium.  The story focuses on Nolan played by Jean-Luc McMurtry who is a star pitcher on his high school team that succumbs to peer pressure and drugs.  His life further spins out of control when his best friend over doses.

The pros for the movie are the great performances by the many different veteran actors and actresses.  My favorites include Rockmond Dunbar who has been in such shows as Prison Break and Earth 2.  Jean-Luc McMurtry who plays the lead has a much shorter resume but you wouldn't know it from his performance.  As mentioned previously, some of the cons with the film include its predictable plot throughout the film.  The filmmakers clearly play it safe with the plot, with only the ending somewhat of a curveball.

Overall, while well done for what the filmmakers are trying to accomplished, I cannot see myself paying for the film or watching it more than once.  The film is well acted but doesn't necessarily stand out from its peers in this genre.  Watch it for great performances from Rockmond Dunbar and Jean-Luc McMurtry on a lazy day.  On any other day you are better off re-watching reruns of 7th Heaven or similar show on the perils of drugs and dealing with peer pressure.

Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

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