Friday, April 22, 2016

A Hologram for the King
Releases April 22, 2016 (Limited)
1 hr 37 mins
Rated R


Director: Tom Tykwer
Writer: Tom Tykwer (Based on book by Dave Eggers of same name)

Tom Hanks as Alan Clay
Alexander Black as Yousef
Sarita Choudhury as Zahra
Sidse Babett Knudsen as Hanne
Ben Whishaw as Dave
Tom Skerritt as Ron
Tracey Fairaway
David Menkin as Brad 
Rolf Saxon as Joe Trivoli

Jay Abdo as Dr. Hadad

Review by Anont C.

When your company has sent you to another country to make a business deal with the leader of another country, that can be quite a challenge. However, for Tom Hanks' case the bar is raise, when he'll have to go to Saudi Arabia to make a business negotiation deal with the King of Arabia himself; and adding to the pressure, he'll have to successfully make the deal, in order to support for his daughter's college tuition. 

Starring Tom Hanks, A Hologram for the King, is an example of a movie of a 'fish out of water' type; adjusting to the cultural difference in Saudi Arabia, while at the same time, dealing with a series of frustration on business negotiation. The movie itself delivers a great performance by Tom Hanks and his co-stars, as they all create a great ensemble cast that performed well on their narrative story, as well as the comedy and romance throughout the movie. What make this 'fish out of story' a unique one is the performance by Tom Hanks, as he displayed a great characteristic of a guy who's unfamiliar with the traditions of Saudi Arabia, and deliver a great performance of comedy -- with the display of emotional stress, deterioration of the body, and homesickness. 

The movie also shows a great deal of cultural difference throughout the entire movie, you would also see various values & traditions that makes Saudi Arabia a respectable place for their culture. Because of that aspect as a plot device, you can expect to see Tom Hanks' character go through a tough time to adjust, and raising-the-bar on his stress level throughout the movie in a comedic fashion. The movie will put you in the shoes of Tom Hanks' character, in order to empathize for him and his situation -- as well as the series of frustration that will deliver a great laugh for the audiences. 

While this movie may have an interesting concept for a 'fish out of water' story, it doesn't standout to be another of Tom Hanks' classic hit. You may enjoy his performances and the idea on the story, but it can be overshadowed by many of Tom Hanks' past performance movies. But do check out the movie if you are a Tom Hanks fan, as it may peak you're interest on the plot of the movie -- or if you just want to see comedy movie in general.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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