Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This is the second box since I started subscribing to the DC's Legion of Collectors box.  Similar to the last box there are again five items.  While the last box was focused on Batman v Superman, this month focused on DC Television shows.  

Up first we have an Arrow t-shirt featuring Oliver Queen.  Dark green on black doesn't particularly go well together but nevertheless a nice design and shirt especially if you are a fan of the show.

The featured comic this month is a photo cover (Grant Gustin) variant of Flash #123. The original comic Flash #123 from 1961 features Barry Allen's Flash meeting Jay Garrick's Flash for the first time.

This month's patch features Supergirl and the Atom.  I actually would love these move if they didn't have the Legion of Collectors logo on them.

While I am a fan of Supergirl, both the character and the show, I am a bit lukewarm on this "cute" figure.  I'm not too sure I'm the target of this "Bratz" like style.

The Pop of the month, which was the reason I started the subscription series is Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash, played by Teddy Sears in the TV series.  While I was more hoping for a Supergirl exclusive, I am quite happy to get Jay as a fan of his character.  It also works well that I may be meeting Teddy Sears in a week or so at Atlantic City Boardwalk Comic Con.

The next subscription box is going to be Suicide Squad theme with the upcoming movie coming out soon.  To join in on the fun, you can join here:

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