Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lazy Hazy Crazy
Released October 29th 2015; June 25, 2016 (NYAFF 2016)
1 hr 40 mins
Not Rated


Director: Yee-sum Luk
Writer: Yee-sum Luk

Kwok (Ashina) Yik-sum as Tracy
Mak Tsz-yi as Chloe
Fish Liew as Alice

Review by Stephen M.

Lazy Hazy Crazy is incredibly frustrating to watch as a parent of two young girls.   Sexual exploitation or woman empowerment movie?  I'll leave that for you to judge if you have the chance to watch the film which played at the New York Asian Film Festival this past week.  Well acted by the young talented actresses, the story is a bit on the fluffy side cuddling up to the idea of prostitution while dealing with friendship and coming of age for three friends.

The story which centers on three young school girls from Hong Kong who are all friends.  Two are sexually active, with one in the sex trade and other just beginning.  We have the super smart and ultra shy friend who likes what her friends have as far as popularity and being liked by guys, decides to try first as a hostess.  Playing into stereotypes of girls fighting over a guy, things turn south for the girls as friendship are tested.

Aside from the great acting job by the three girls especially Ashina Kwok, there's little to offer as far as substance in the film.  More of a soft core film with gratuitous nudity, fans of films like Aubrey Plaza's The To Do List may enjoy this film. But chances are you won't.  This has probably been my least favorite of the New York Asian Film Festival's films that I have screened thus far.
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

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