Friday, July 22, 2016

Recently we attended Blogger Bash 2016, an amazing event that connected Bloggers with companies to work together with to expand not only their own brand but that of the sponsors as well.  The great networking working event was held over two days with the majority of the events held on the Majesty Yacht on Pier 81.

Now despite being docked until the final after party on the last evening, you'll be surprised as to how rocky a dock ship can be especially when it's on the super busy Hudson River.   Sea-Band which I was familiar with already having had gone on cruises before and an easily seasick wife, was kind enough to offered up free Sea-Bands to all the attendees of Blogger Bash.  From the responses of the bloggers to the sponsors that didn't have their sea legs, they were greatly appreciative of the product!

So what are they exactly?  The best way to describe them is that they're basically elastic wristbands with plastic studs in the middle of each band.  They use acupressure on the Nei-Kuan point to relieve the nausea that one gets not only from seasickness, but can also be used for motion sickness, morning sickness from pregnancy and also post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Benefits from using them as oppose to other methods: 
Natural relief
 No side effects

How effective are they?  I don't get seasick as much as she does so do not need them as much.  I can only speak from my wife's experience, and she loves it.  According to Sea-Band's website studies have been done which shows their clinical effectiveness which you can read about here:

Below is a demonstration of my wife using the Sea-Band...

Each person's outcome of course will differ, but if you experience nausea from one of the above mentioned reasons, I would say give it a shout.  Especially when you consider their low cost (< $10).  You can find them at most pharmacy retailers like CVS and Walgreen, etc.  Again, thanks Sea-Band and Blogger Bash!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

If you've never heard of SCS Direct, you're not alone.  Their booth at Blogger Bash 2016 highlighted their Bentology and Fasta Pasta products which we will talk about as we got hands on with the products given to us for review.  SCS Direct's motto is "products that inspire better living," and Bentology and Fasta Pasta definitely fits the motto.

First up is Fasta Pasta, which selling points are perfect pasta done fast in your microwave every time.  It comes in two different sizes, regular and family size.  With a family of four we chose the family size to try.  With an instruction sheet inside and ease of use, Fasta Pasta does do an excellent job in making perfect pasta every time or at least in our trial run.  

The simplicity of the product while giving you exactly the tools you need to make fast easy good pasta is unmistakable.  The circles on the top lid allows you to measure the perfect serving size, with the ridges later allowing you to strain the water.  

It's unique design along with its deep body allows for a large serving of pasta.  The question I asked myself at first is why not just used a regular container to microwave pasta?  Well you can, but because of the lid, the deep and long profile is a perfect fit for pasta.  Just to note, the family size is quite big and you would need a large microwave to fit it.

As you can see from my little trial run, the pasta looked and tasted amazing.  The family size goes for $19.99 with the regular size going for $14.99.  You can find out more information including how to order here:  The cons of the product may be the cooking time while shorten, is only shorten by a little.  The largest pro for the product would have to be convenience.  Also the item is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made in the USA with FDA approved material.

From their Bentology line we got to try their Bento Kit which retails for $39.99.  What immediately caught my eye with their Bento Kits is the adorable designs on their insulated bags!  The clever designs are not just asthetic as inside their Bento Kit system of 5 boxes, three of which have lids allows for packing a balance meal with no cross contamination.

On the side, you can unzipper a holder for a drink like a can of soda or bottle of milk, while inside there are metal spoons and forks that can be tucked away in a compartment.

The containers comes in various sizes, and additional ones can be purchased at their website allowing for various arrangements as I have done here.  Oddly, two of the containers did not come with lids.  I don't see the point of not providing them as well.

When not used as a Bento Kit, you can use as an insulated bag as well to hold a few cold or hot drinks.  The various containers are small in size which in their marketing is suppose to provide the "right" portion perfect size serving in developing healthier eating habits with guides sold separately.  

If the lunch bag with bento kit is a bit out of your budget, they also have a smaller Bento Kit, with an insulated sleeve and again the bento box which retails for $24.99.  Overall, I enjoy the product especially the design.  As a consumer I would be a little hesitant on the price point, but given that they're of high quality, BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwavable safe, not to mention they're made in the USA, you are getting your money's worth.

Here are a few other "creativity tools" items that SCS Direct had on display on their table that added to the "fun" of the bento kits for kids and adults young at heart!

To check out more of their products, information including how to order, visit:

For SCS Direct full line of brands that they offer, visit:

Monday, July 18, 2016

At Blogger Bash, Texas Instruments were heavily promoting their latest in a line of high quality color graphing calculators with their TI-84 Plus CE.  Now in nine colors (each with their own cool name) with their latest Gold and White editions there's a color for every student's personality which keeping them ahead of the mathematical curve.  We like their new designs and functionalities including the slimmer lighter look as well as their rechargeable battery.  Retailing for $149.99, look for back to school sales that can bring your price down to as low as $130.00.

At the booth, Baltimore Raven Offensive Lineman John Urschel was greeting bloggers and fans taking photos and signing autographs as he discussed his background and his partnership with Texas Instruments.  Currently studying for his Ph.D. in Mathematics at MIT, John fell in love with math due to his undergraduate professor.  His work with children in the Baltimore area is well documented and appreciated.  It truly is a perfect partnership between John and Texas Instruments.  We spoke to John and he indicated that when he retires his plans are to be a professor in mathematics.

(Side by side comparison between the previous model and the new model)

We are happy to be able to give away a RADICAL RED TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator.  Featuring rechargeable battery with charger, preloaded apps, with USB cable included.  Featuring a slimmer design that the previous model, it is super light!  

To win, enter below.  Open to all US residents.  Contest ends 7/31/2016 midnight ET.  Please do not enter if you have won a prize from our site within the last 45 days to give others a chance to win.

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For more information on the new TI-84 Plus CE calculators including where to purchase visit:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

We were super excited to attend the Peanuts Keynote Lunch during Day 2 of Blogger Bash 2016.  Peanuts created by Charles Schulz, with his wife and sons very protective of Charles's beloved characters agreed to have an animated show done in France.  During the Keynote lunch, we got to listen to several of the cast members as well as an executive from Peanuts and from Cartoon Network talked to the Bloggers.

Our videos from the event:


Ginger Zee speaking to Aiden Lewandowski who voices Charlie Brown

Ginger Zee speaking to Bella Stine who voices Lucy

Ginger Zee speaking to Jude Perry who voices Linus

After the Peanuts portion, Ginger Zee spoke about her life and her experiences to share with the Bloggers.

Ginger Zee speaking to a few lucky Bloggers that had their questions answered during the Q&A.

Meeting the amazing Ginger Zee and super talanted kids of the Peanuts show on Cartoon Network and Boomerang!

Each of the attendees got a goodie bag full of Peanuts related merchandise as well as Tide laundry pods...  Yeah I don't quite get the latter either, but it was nice of them.  Do you have a favorite Peanuts character?

Wanna win the above toys?!  Read on!  One of the booths that caught our attention at Sweet Suite 2016 was Future of Play with their Magic Mee Mees and their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Snap.  Magic Mee Mees which is releasing August 1st are not only cute and collectible but have some amazing play factor which includes the Mee Mees interacting with each other and their accessories.

They can be purchased  individually or in play sets as well as there are blind bags of 26 different type of foods.  Each one of them have their own "world" and food to interact with besides each other.

The toys which is the brain child of the creator below says that each Mee Mee character is about 100 millionth the size of us and live within our world that we just don't see.

Besides Magic Mee Mees, Future of Play also showed of their name BattleSnap games with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Think of it as an alternate Rock, Scissors and Papers game.  Each figure can be put on a card stand and turned over with different dial to select.  They come together in a snap to see who wins that round in a 3D style card game.  There is a larger set that includes two extra villains, and a smaller set with just the Turtles.  They're expected to hit major retailers such as Toys R Us, Target, Amazon and more.

So how do you win the set of two Magic Mee Mees and two blind bags?

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Contest ends July 22nd 2016 Midnight ET.  Please if you've won a contest from us within the last 45 days, do not enter and give others a chance to win a prize from us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today was Sweet Suite 2016 which is a mini Toy Fair so to speak at Blogger Bash a two day event.  One of the exhibitors at Sweet Suite was Jakks Pacific which if you're not familiar makes the vinyl figures for Marvel and Disney Tsum Tsums among many other great toys.

Their booth had mostly items we have seen before at Toy Fair and other shows.  Some of the products were already released while some are coming quite soon.  The items that stood out for us were...

1. San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive metallic Baymax and Captain America limited edition vinyls.  Yes they have been revealed previously, but to see them in person with all their shininess is extremely cool.  They will retail for $14.99 at the convention only.

2. Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar - 25 days in all each with a Tsum Tsum with a holiday accessory.  Each day the sizes also differs and retails for $39.99 each.  It is out in late October in time for holiday shopping!

3. Lastly the Tsum Tsum Portable Play Case which is essentially one mega size Mickey Tsum!  This will retail for $24.99.

Here are pics of some of the other items at the booth relating to Tsum Tsums.

 And yes, guess who won a SDCC Captain America exclusive?!  Thanks Jakks Pacific!

Comment below your full name, city and country and what are you looking forward to from Jakks Toys and be entered to win a Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 comic out in early August!  Open to US & International.  Contest ends August 1st, 2016 10pm ET.