Tuesday, July 19, 2016

If you've never heard of SCS Direct, you're not alone.  Their booth at Blogger Bash 2016 highlighted their Bentology and Fasta Pasta products which we will talk about as we got hands on with the products given to us for review.  SCS Direct's motto is "products that inspire better living," and Bentology and Fasta Pasta definitely fits the motto.

First up is Fasta Pasta, which selling points are perfect pasta done fast in your microwave every time.  It comes in two different sizes, regular and family size.  With a family of four we chose the family size to try.  With an instruction sheet inside and ease of use, Fasta Pasta does do an excellent job in making perfect pasta every time or at least in our trial run.  

The simplicity of the product while giving you exactly the tools you need to make fast easy good pasta is unmistakable.  The circles on the top lid allows you to measure the perfect serving size, with the ridges later allowing you to strain the water.  

It's unique design along with its deep body allows for a large serving of pasta.  The question I asked myself at first is why not just used a regular container to microwave pasta?  Well you can, but because of the lid, the deep and long profile is a perfect fit for pasta.  Just to note, the family size is quite big and you would need a large microwave to fit it.

As you can see from my little trial run, the pasta looked and tasted amazing.  The family size goes for $19.99 with the regular size going for $14.99.  You can find out more information including how to order here: https://fastapasta.com/  The cons of the product may be the cooking time while shorten, is only shorten by a little.  The largest pro for the product would have to be convenience.  Also the item is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made in the USA with FDA approved material.

From their Bentology line we got to try their Bento Kit which retails for $39.99.  What immediately caught my eye with their Bento Kits is the adorable designs on their insulated bags!  The clever designs are not just asthetic as inside their Bento Kit system of 5 boxes, three of which have lids allows for packing a balance meal with no cross contamination.

On the side, you can unzipper a holder for a drink like a can of soda or bottle of milk, while inside there are metal spoons and forks that can be tucked away in a compartment.

The containers comes in various sizes, and additional ones can be purchased at their website allowing for various arrangements as I have done here.  Oddly, two of the containers did not come with lids.  I don't see the point of not providing them as well.

When not used as a Bento Kit, you can use as an insulated bag as well to hold a few cold or hot drinks.  The various containers are small in size which in their marketing is suppose to provide the "right" portion perfect size serving in developing healthier eating habits with guides sold separately.  

If the lunch bag with bento kit is a bit out of your budget, they also have a smaller Bento Kit, with an insulated sleeve and again the bento box which retails for $24.99.  Overall, I enjoy the product especially the design.  As a consumer I would be a little hesitant on the price point, but given that they're of high quality, BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwavable safe, not to mention they're made in the USA, you are getting your money's worth.

Here are a few other "creativity tools" items that SCS Direct had on display on their table that added to the "fun" of the bento kits for kids and adults young at heart!

To check out more of their products, information including how to order, visit: https://bentology.com

For SCS Direct full line of brands that they offer, visit: https://scsdirectinc.com/

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