Monday, July 25, 2016

Blogger Bash 2016: Care Bears Breakfast

by Dante Hicks

  As you have been reading from Stephen's posts, we were lucky enough to go to Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite this year. I needed to have some time to process all the cool things I saw and experienced, and needed a little more time than Stephen to get my thoughts together. Sorry I'm old. The Kick off event for Blogger Bash was the Care Bears Breakfast. They gave us a presentation stating all the cool things you will see in the rest of 2016 and 2017. Cool things like A NEW CARE BEARS CHARACTER!

 The brand was started in 1982, since 1982 the brand has generated 5 billion dollars a year with sales in 190 countries. Here's some of the cool things about Care Bears I was told was going to happen:

1. They are launching new animated shorts specifically for their Youtube channel

2. They are launching a new Care Bears App, where you can take pictures of anything and place the Care Bears in the picture. 

3. The new character being introduced is going to be a female bear with a glitter fur coat, and she has a unique hugging message. (because all Care Bears have "Care Bear Power" and each one has a specific "Hugging Message" hence the different designs on their tummies. 

4. The Care Bears brand is making 2017 "The Year of the Hug".

5. This was hinted at but not confirmed, Care bears is doing a cross promotion with Burger King Kids Meal toys most likely. 

6. Besides the Build-A-Bear joint promotion that was launched recently, which was the most successful launch in Care Bear's history. There will be further additions to the Build-A-Bear joint promotion. 

  And besides all that, the Care bears people introduced us to a unique charity. is a charity where they place stuffed animals in ambulances, fire trucks, hospitals, to help children who are victim of terrible incidences (like their house burning down, car accidents, and such), and they give them a stuffed animal. Because I know from when I was a child way back in 1976 (yes they had stuffed animals back then), Carrying a stuffed animal was a great comfort for when I scraped a knee or something similar. The truly remarkable thing about is that it was founded by Jessica Carscadden in 2012 when she was 9. The girl having to go through Cleft Palette corrective surgery and would always bring her stuffed animal with her to the hospital because it gave her comfort in a scary situation. She in turn when forced to clean her room realized she had a garbage bag of old stuffed animals and decided to donate them to a hospital and fire house. Jessica is now 13, the charity she founded has been going strong for about four years now. But as with any charity they can always use help. So if you have older stuffed animals your child has outgrown, why not donate them to ? I know there's a child out there that would truly appreciate it.  

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