Thursday, July 14, 2016

We were super excited to attend the Peanuts Keynote Lunch during Day 2 of Blogger Bash 2016.  Peanuts created by Charles Schulz, with his wife and sons very protective of Charles's beloved characters agreed to have an animated show done in France.  During the Keynote lunch, we got to listen to several of the cast members as well as an executive from Peanuts and from Cartoon Network talked to the Bloggers.

Our videos from the event:


Ginger Zee speaking to Aiden Lewandowski who voices Charlie Brown

Ginger Zee speaking to Bella Stine who voices Lucy

Ginger Zee speaking to Jude Perry who voices Linus

After the Peanuts portion, Ginger Zee spoke about her life and her experiences to share with the Bloggers.

Ginger Zee speaking to a few lucky Bloggers that had their questions answered during the Q&A.

Meeting the amazing Ginger Zee and super talanted kids of the Peanuts show on Cartoon Network and Boomerang!

Each of the attendees got a goodie bag full of Peanuts related merchandise as well as Tide laundry pods...  Yeah I don't quite get the latter either, but it was nice of them.  Do you have a favorite Peanuts character?

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