Friday, July 22, 2016

Recently we attended Blogger Bash 2016, an amazing event that connected Bloggers with companies to work together with to expand not only their own brand but that of the sponsors as well.  The great networking working event was held over two days with the majority of the events held on the Majesty Yacht on Pier 81.

Now despite being docked until the final after party on the last evening, you'll be surprised as to how rocky a dock ship can be especially when it's on the super busy Hudson River.   Sea-Band which I was familiar with already having had gone on cruises before and an easily seasick wife, was kind enough to offered up free Sea-Bands to all the attendees of Blogger Bash.  From the responses of the bloggers to the sponsors that didn't have their sea legs, they were greatly appreciative of the product!

So what are they exactly?  The best way to describe them is that they're basically elastic wristbands with plastic studs in the middle of each band.  They use acupressure on the Nei-Kuan point to relieve the nausea that one gets not only from seasickness, but can also be used for motion sickness, morning sickness from pregnancy and also post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Benefits from using them as oppose to other methods: 
Natural relief
 No side effects

How effective are they?  I don't get seasick as much as she does so do not need them as much.  I can only speak from my wife's experience, and she loves it.  According to Sea-Band's website studies have been done which shows their clinical effectiveness which you can read about here:

Below is a demonstration of my wife using the Sea-Band...

Each person's outcome of course will differ, but if you experience nausea from one of the above mentioned reasons, I would say give it a shout.  Especially when you consider their low cost (< $10).  You can find them at most pharmacy retailers like CVS and Walgreen, etc.  Again, thanks Sea-Band and Blogger Bash!

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