Monday, July 4, 2016

Article and photographs below by Stephen M.; Photograph above by New York Asian Film Festival.

Miriam Yeung recently received the Star Asia Award at the New York Asian Film Festival 2016.  We had a chance to talk to her and Director Adam Wong about their film She Remembers, He Forgets.  

Among the topics discussed...

On Miriam's character in She Remembers He Forgets, whether her character still loved her husband.  She talks about how relationships in various states of age affects how one view things and her approach to her character.

She also spoke about how she did not get to meet her younger counterpart in the movie and that she was not allowed to view the other set which she was okay with and thought that was a good idea.

I also asked her that since it has been awhile since she has produced any new music, does that mean she will continue to focus only on movies.  She replies no, she hopes to be working on something soon and also tour again as she has a big passion for music.


Adam Wong discussed getting the first 3 page proposal from co-writer Saville Chan.  How the two went to the same school together as youths.  He also talked about his preference for movies set in urban settings as he loves the Hong Kong city life and cannot imagine making a sci-fi or period piece at this time.  He also mentioned how Miriam Yeung was their first choice to play the role and couldn't fathom anybody else playing the role.

 The two filmmakers poses for the press after the round table interview...

They graciously autographed a program for us.

Our exclusive videos:

Miriam on the topic of love/relationship for her role in She Remembers He Forgets...

Director Adam on the topic of having a strong woman lead character in the film...

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