Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today was Sweet Suite 2016 which is a mini Toy Fair so to speak at Blogger Bash a two day event.  One of the exhibitors at Sweet Suite was Jakks Pacific which if you're not familiar makes the vinyl figures for Marvel and Disney Tsum Tsums among many other great toys.

Their booth had mostly items we have seen before at Toy Fair and other shows.  Some of the products were already released while some are coming quite soon.  The items that stood out for us were...

1. San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive metallic Baymax and Captain America limited edition vinyls.  Yes they have been revealed previously, but to see them in person with all their shininess is extremely cool.  They will retail for $14.99 at the convention only.

2. Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar - 25 days in all each with a Tsum Tsum with a holiday accessory.  Each day the sizes also differs and retails for $39.99 each.  It is out in late October in time for holiday shopping!

3. Lastly the Tsum Tsum Portable Play Case which is essentially one mega size Mickey Tsum!  This will retail for $24.99.

Here are pics of some of the other items at the booth relating to Tsum Tsums.

 And yes, guess who won a SDCC Captain America exclusive?!  Thanks Jakks Pacific!

Comment below your full name, city and country and what are you looking forward to from Jakks Toys and be entered to win a Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 comic out in early August!  Open to US & International.  Contest ends August 1st, 2016 10pm ET.

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