Saturday, February 18, 2017

While most of the new releases have already been revealed by Funko, what we hope to show, are the new items from different angles.  For more reveals check out our videos on Facebook and Instagram!

We start off with the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie figures.  We get the Pint Size heroes and Pops.  The hooded early Spider-man figure looks a little weird.  As well the Vulture looks a little too much like the Falcon to my liking.  I love the Peter Parker figure though.

Another Marvel movie release is of course Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  We get a bit more different type of products including keychains and Dorbz.

Star Wars join the emoji family.

Yes, I've never seen Twin Peaks, but I know they have a huge hard core fan base and so does Funko!

A little late for Batman vs Superman but early for Wonder Woman.

Beauty & the Beast joins the mini figures line.

Just in time for the new movie, Beauty & the Beast Pops, Dorbz and mini figures.  Most of these are already out!

While Rock Candy has mainly catered to females in 2016, 2017 is for the Harry Potter fans!

More Guardians of the Galaxy tie-ins.

Any Disney fans?

Um yeah, let's not go down the white washing argument here...

Moving away from the boxes, here are their latest t-shirts.  Some will still come in the iPad case looking format though.

What's your favorite new Funko release for 2017?

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