Sunday, February 19, 2017

Here's part 2 of our Lego coverage.  We have got quite a bit to cover and we still have more to show!  We start off first with Lego Dimensions which has a few Batman Movie tie-ins.  The classic Michael Knight from Knight Rider is pretty cool and unexpected!

Not really a whole lot of new Architecture...

With new Duplo and Junior sets for the kiddies, I am super excited especially for the licensed ones.

A few new different Classic mini sets are great for the beginners.

This six in one Robot set is pretty cool but unfortunately was not available for demonstration but just display only in its six different builds.

City gets a few new Sea and City sets.  

The new Advent Calendar!

City set gets a few more new ones continued from above!

Most of the Disney sets have already been revealed recently.  Unfortunately there's not a whole lot of new ones to look forward to that you probably haven't already seen.  Frozen and Moana being the continued main focus.

Quite a few new Creator sets, which I absolutely love.  The series if you're not familar gives you three different builds for the price of one. 

Not much new to reveal for the miniature figures unfortunately.

As mentioned before Brick Headz is the new big thing for Lego as you can see the heavy push in licensing for both Marvel, DC and Disney!  Is it their answer to Funko Pops?  Not sure about that, but they're definitely cute!

I just don't get Minecraft, but the kids love it!

Which of the above are you looking forward to?

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