Thursday, February 9, 2017

Build or Boom
By Proto Toys
Retail Price $29.99 *** Update: Now $24.99 ***
Age 4+


Review & photos by Cynthia M.

Build or Boom by Proto Toys which started off via Kickstarter in late October has been building momentum leading up to Toy Fair 2017.  The "explosive" game that has two people (suggested age is four and up) build as quickly as possible against each other depending on what card design they draw from a deck.  The quicker builder gets to blow up the opponents structures and mock in fun their opponents lack of quickness or building skills.  

What I love... the simple design, quick easy start up factor of the game.  The fast building competition against a family member or friend is exhilarating fast paced action gaming.  

What I hate... lack of additional multiplayer!  This game is so fun, short of buying additional sets, you are stuck with two players at a time with friends and family waiting.  At $29.99 the game is not exorbitantly expensive but for the simple design, you would expect a lower price.  *** Update, perhaps we spoke, and they listened, the price is now $24.99! ***

Overall, this game is a blast, literally and figuratively!  It has challenging elements as well enough simplicity for the little ones.  The game is available for sale already online on Proto Toy's website above as well as Amazon through DreamMetric.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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