Wednesday, August 30, 2017

As a New Yorker, I still remember that horrible day.  I was actually in-between jobs, job searching on the computer while listening to the news.  And then suddenly news of the attack started pouring in.  When I went outside, my home was in Chinatown toward Houston Street, I could see the smoke all the way from where I was.  I don't know anyone directly that lost their lives that day, but it still haunts me.

In Charlie Sheen's new film, 9/11, which is based on a true story, chronicles the lives of five average, everyday people who find themselves trapped in an elevator during the events of 9/11 in the World Trade Center.

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About the 9/11 film:
9/11 opens in theaters on September 8 and features an all star cast including Luis Guzman (The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3), Gina Gershon (Showgirls), Wood Harris (Justified), Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge (BBC), Welcome to New York), Olga Fonda (The Vampire Diaries) and Bruce Davison (X-Men).

In the World Trade Center, a billionaire sits in his attorney’s office awaiting a divorce hearing against his wife. In a west side apartment, a bike messenger kisses his 5-year old daughter and sings her “Happy Birthday” before leaving for work. A maintenance man gets dispatched to help a tenant with his lock. In an upper east side apartment, a young model musters the courage to break up with her sugar daddy. As random as random can be, these individuals step into a crowded World Trade Center elevator.

Wrapped up in their own world, they all ride silently hearing only the sound of the elevator giving notice of each floor. When the elevator stops on the 34th floor, it empties leaving only these five behind. Moments later ... their world changes as the collision of a jet into the North Tower incapacitates the elevator.

With no understanding of what has happened and is happening around them, these fives are forced to band together and fight against all odds to escape from the impending horrific collapse. During these critical minutes, a story of courage, faith, and the will to live unfolds.

For more info on the film, visit here.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Article by Stephen M.

If the indication of success for any convention is the success of the artists and exhibitors and the joy of the attendees, than Flame Con 2017 was an astounding standing ovation.  Noticeably much larger crowds though still easy to navigate floor space, the convention was still quite full toward the wee hours of the last day on Sunday.

If you're not familiar with Flame Con, it is an annual comic/geek convention in Downtown Brooklyn with a friendly LGBTQ theme. While last year's convention featured many eye opening artwork and items for sale that you wouldn't considered family friendly.  This year, the out in the open merchandise was tone down with any one under the age of 21 free on Sunday.

Now if you're looking for the traditional comic convention that has become the norm of late of media heavy guests and a few outstanding artists with comic book exhibitors, you're barking up the wrong tree.  Their lone media guest was the super friendly Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor.  The comic book creators as in previous years was quite robust even if it didn't include any legends like last year's Chris Claremont.  As far as comic book exhibitors, you know the ones with the long boxes, with $1 issues and half price graphic novels.  Not one in sight, which honestly is a bit of a disappointment.  You have so many good artists, and except for a few prepared artists, or if you bring them yourselves, there are no blank comic covers to purchase to get some cool sketches.

Speaking to several of the artists and vendors, they exclaimed how they sold out of items fairly quick and would be happy to return again.  I have to share that sentiment despite the lack of comic book and comic book related merchandise exhibitors.  Hopefully given their success the con will expand next year and include a few of these exhibitors. If you're interested in learning more and getting updates for next year's con, visit their site and subscribe for updates!