Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Initial Release Date: October 25, 2017
Developer: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Publisher: Nintendo

Review by Stephen M. and Cynthia M.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which has been out for several months now both on iOS and Android is your perfect fix for Animal Crossing on a mobile platform.  From fishing to getting new outfits and planting plants (from the latest update a week ago), there's that familiarity you have come to know from prior Animal Crossing games.

The game is free to play, considered a socializing game, like The Sims but cuter.  You do have options to purchase "Leaf Tickets" with real cash to help boost your play by allowing you finish tasks quicker and buy certain items.  The chances you would ever really need to use reach cash is extremely low especially if you have a large network of random friends (strangers) to help you.

While there is a great many repetitiveness to the game, it is surprisingly addictive as you must get the latest items including UGGS!  Of course if your idea of fun is not pleasing everyone else daily than this game will be a complete turnoff for you.  If it is, the developers are constantly on top with different events and updates adding new game play to try to keep it fresh.  Unfortunately, Nintendo would not take my idea of adding a Grand Theft Auto like option to attacking the animal neighbors.

Useful tip:  

  • Keep track of the movements of the neighbors and in your campsite to maximize the gifts and rewards you get in return for tasks and talking to them.
  • The Quarry's prizes changes a few times a day.  Wait for resources that you need and don't be afraid to use Leaf Tickets you may have accumulated!

With sharp graphics and game play, medium replay-ability, a high cute factor that may make some nauseous, it's no wonder we give this game a...

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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