Monday, January 15, 2018

By Stephen M.

The official Funko Collectibles shop recently released this limited edition, Flocked Fraggle Rock 5 piece set.  The set is limited to 3,000 with a retail price of $70.00.  As of today, it is still available on their site here

Fraggle Rock if you are not familiar is one of Jim Henson's many creations.  Begun in 1983, the show lasted for 5 seasons, had its own short lived animated Saturday morning series and even made an appearance in Jim Henson's other favorite vehicle, A Muppet Family Christmas.  In this pop set which includes the major characters of the show in its flocked form (regular form are available in individual packaging).

First the packaging... The set arrived double box which is good given the rather weak boxes that they use, and the fact that the boxes fit so snugged within each other.  While it is easy to imagine how badly damage it could have arrived, thankfully it did not.  When opening up the top of the inner box, be careful when cutting the top slit, as there is no protective paper to keep you from cutting the top box.  There are two small plastic clear stickers supposedly to keep the actual box inside closed, but they were loose on both the top and bottom.

I would have given the packaging a C if not for these think plastic surrounding the back of the Fraggle figures from the bubble packaging making it for easy popping out!  This is the first time I've seen this from Funko, and I love it

As far as the actual figures themselves, the quality of the fur from the flocked part is spot on with high quality in at least the set that I received.  The mixture of the the plastic pieces of clothing and accessories with the flocked parts of the body are very well done.  I just love the look of these!

Overall, if you're a fan of Fraggle Rock I would highly recommend getting this set.  The retail price of $70 seems a bit high.  Usually the average price a single flocked pop is about $15.00 so in that comparison $70 is.  Also add on about $10 for shipping and taxes, and you are looking at $80 for this set.  Because of these factors and that Fraggle Rock has a very limited (albeit loyal) fan base, it is no wonder the set hasn't sold out despite being limited to only 3,000 pieces.  For those looking for a collection piece to accumulate in value over the years, you may want to look elsewhere.

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