Monday, March 5, 2018

Post by Stephen M. Photos by A. Maizus

If you have ever been to Target and walk by their display of trading cards by the check out section than you're familar with Excell Brands.  They're the distributors for all those great trading cards including Topps, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering and more.  But at Toy Fair we got to see more of what they offered and we were impressed.

From confectionery toys (Radz) to collectibles (Animal Jam - Bulls i Toy) to games that challenges (Cub3D - Bulls i Toy); Excell offers a bit of everything.  What impressed me the most in their confectionery line was the popular licenses they were able to obtain including some of the hottest franchises such as Friday Nights at Freddy's to My Little Pony, Shopkins and even DC Comics.  The entirety of their offerings can also be found conveniently at Target as well.  The price points for each are reasonable with most items $5.00 and below.

If there's one thing that was big at New York Toy Fair this year it was every toy company had some kind of STEM or STEAM offering.  With Galaxy Goo you literally get to hold the galaxy in the palm of your hands in all its goo-iness.  The product should be out now and retails for only $4.99. And yes, Pluto, sorry, you're not a part of it.  Besides Galaxy Goo they also have Cub3D and Skele-tube.  Incredibly simple items but yet challenging and stimulating at the same time all at a reasonable price point.

On their collectible side we have their new line of Animal Jam products.  For ages 5+, they're not only collectible and cute but there are a wide variety of ways to play with them including several mini games online.  In addition there are mini tins to decorate your den as well as Chibi Blocks animals to build (Think Nano blocks).  Best of all they're all also retails for $5.00 and under!

Most of the products are already out.  With a few exceptions like the Radz for DC Comics and WWE which is out later this year.  What's cool about their Radz line of various products is not only do you get to feed your sweet tooth, they're also in collectible packaging!

So on your next visit to Target, make sure to check out these cool products especially if you have a young daughter ages 5 - 10 which seems to be more of their targeted age group.  Though of course there's always the trading cards for us bigger kids.

Some additional pictures of their products from their booth!  Tell us below which you are most excited about!

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