Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Article and Photos by Alex M.

I recently picked up Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey for the 3DS.  For those of you that remembered, this original came out on the original DS way back in February 2009.  This remake is available at Amazon or Walmart, retailing for $39.99, and was released mid January of this year.

Pros: Great remake. With solid choices for graphical enhancement. Game feels as good as it did almost 10 years ago.  New campaigns which adds more to the remaster purchase.  Playing as Bowser is the best part as always, with not many other games that let you play as him. I can only think of 2 others. Music is also great.

Cons: The game bugged a bit for me at start, often saying game wasn’t in the system while it totally was.  Of course it may just be a defect with my cartridge.  Otherwise no complaints.

I've beaten the game before on the old version but have yet to hear as this is a recent purchase.  I've also yet to finish the new campaign.  The game being as diverse as it is, is not repetitive at all and I cannot recommend this game enough if you're looking for a solid 3DS game.

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