Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Article and photo by Stephen M. and Cynthia M.

The Lights of Broadway Showcards if you're not familiar with them features the brightest and best of Broadway for any season with artwork by artist Squigs.  Autumn 2018 is their latest set that came out in December of this past year.  Each pack comes with five cards with varying degrees of rarity.  Each pack retails for $5.00 plus tax.  You can find them online on their website here, or at the Shubert Alley store or Theatre Circle store in New York City. 

So what are the appeal of these cards?  From the artwork of Squigs, to the collectible nature of these trading cards of the biggest names in Broadway.  You can try getting them autographed and trading them with other fellow "light catchers."  Seeing the looks of the actors and actresses as they see the cards for the first time at the stage door and signing with glee.  That's just part of the fun in collecting these cards. 

What are the cons of these cards?  My two biggest gripes with be the thin card stock used.  I'm used to sports trading cards which are at least 3x thicker even on the "cheap" lines.  These cards just don't hold up well in transit and needs to be taken care of extra carefully.  My second gripe would be the collation of the cards in a box.  Purchasing the equivalent of a full box I received in some cases 4-5 of one card while receiving none of some other common cards.  In this case you can say perhaps I had some bad luck or that hey this promotes trading with other collectors (which I did by the way).  But normally when you buy as many packs I did you would expect to come as close to a full set as possible (excluding the rares).

Overall I still enjoy the set, especially the artwork and the autograph collecting aspect.  There are several Facebook groups that is part of the Lights of Broadway community that will help you with filling in your set as well as info on who is signing their cards and where the performers can be found.  Do you collect these cards?

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