Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Article and photo by Alex M.

If you've ever ordered a Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure line you know the anticipation of a new release can be a long one as from announcement to actual release is usually several months.  But man did this blow away my expectations.  The likeness on this latest Chris Evans version of Captain America from the Avengers Infinity War blows the previous ones out of the water.  My largest pro would easily be the skin color of the figure which is much lighter than the previous versions which is more realistic in my opinion.  This is thanks to E-Lee who did the head paint on the figure, with the head sculpt by Yulli.  Yes the hair is plastic mold despite how realistic it looks.

My biggest gripe with this new high end collectible figure?  The shields.  In particular, it just wasn't easy at all to attach the shield to his arm.  If I wasn't more careful I could have easily broken the mold of the hand.  Other than that, I am just loving this new figure as I display it with my other Avengers Hot Toys figures.

The figure retails for $267 and is still available on Sideshow Toys website here.  The great thing about ordering now is that you don't have the long wait that I had to endure.  Now if I can one day get the base signed!

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