All signings and appearances listed below are in New York City or Long Island.  Some events will require a purchase or a signing fee.  Consult with venue for fees as well as changes in the signing or appearance.

(last updated August 22nd 2017)


29-Aug Tues 5pm Chris Jericho Tribeca BN
12-Sep Tues 12:30pm Maria Sharapova Fifth BN
13-Sep Weds 5:30pm Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins Union BN
20-Sep Weds 6pm Cheryl Henson Tribeca BN
23-Sep Sat 2pm Frank Miller, Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson Union BN
26-Sep Tues 12:30pm Art Garfunkel Fifth BN
7-Oct Sat 1:30pm Akira Himekawa Tribeca BN
8-Nov Weds 7pm Krysten Ritter Union BN
8-Nov Weds 12:00pm Alec Baldwin Fifth BN